Minting ends & game starts:

Trade deadline:

Game ends:

TLDR Gameplay:

  1. Mint teams to load the pot.
  2. The pot will back the value of the winning team's NFTs.
  3. The spread of winning teams is determined by 50% of all teams agreeing on the outcome of the competition once it's over.

Phase 1: Opening ceremony (Mint start)

  • There are 32 teams representing the nations competing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
  • Mint team NFTs to increase the game’s treasury.
  • The NFTs are a claim on this treasury.
  • You can get a full refund anytime before the game starts.

Phase 2: Kickoff (Mint ends)

  • The pot is locked and minting permenently ends before the first kickoff on November 21st 2022, 10 AM UTC.3
  • Holders of each team’s NFTs benefit from the outcome of each world cup game their team plays.1
  • The eventual value of these NFTs recalibrates depending on a self-refereed scorecard.2

Phase 3: Trade deadline

  • NFTs are not transferable from the trade deadline until the game’s end.
  • The trade deadline coincides with the start of the quarter finals.

Phase 4: Final whistle

  • The game is self refereed.
  • A final scorecard is uploaded on-chain that says how the game’s treasury should be shared.
  • 50% of NFT holders from all teams attest to the correct scorecard to ratify it. Each team has 1 vote, divided between all holders of that team's NFTs.
  • Burn your team’s NFT to reclaim ETH from the game at any time after a scorecard has been ratified. Or, keep and trade them forever – their value will remain backed by the pot.

1 Point system:

There are 20,000 points available each round of the FIFA tournament, divided evenly between the winner of each game in the round. There are 48 group stage games total, 8 round of 16 games, 4 quarterfinal, 2 semifinal, and 1 final.

Each group stage: 416

Each round of 16: 2,500

Each quarterfinal: 5,000

Each semifinal: 10,000

The final: 20,032

The scorecard that is ratified should represent the amount of accumulated points by each team divided by the total available 100,000 points.

2 The outcome is subject to the ratified scorecard during Phase 4.

3 After kickoff, 1 of every 10 NFTs minted for each team will be reserved for the Defifa Ballkids who developed this game.

Play: 0.022 ETH / NFT


Defifa relies on the integrity of a few transactions made by the game’s participants.

Scorecards can be submitted that suggest the correct results of off-chain events.

If you hold an nft, you can send a transaction attesting to a submitted scorecard that conveys correct results of off-chain events.

Mint reserved tokens for all tiers.

Each game phase must also be queued by someone in the public in a timely manner.